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Season 2
Seiche: Proximal Connections
Season 1
Collective Tides
Seiche: A Year In Review

Come dance with us! Seiche Dance Collective offers community classes in an inclusive and supportive environment. We offer a welcoming space for all adults to explore dance as a form of creative expression. Whether you already have experience, or if you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, Seiche offers a class designed to give you a positive experience.

Join us for an upcoming event. Seiche Dance Collective is committed to introducing and connecting the Erie community to dance. We invite you to ride our wave by joining us for a performance, classes, or other community events designed and intended to offer opportunities for all adults to experience dance as an art form and a form of creative expression.

As a not-for-profit, Seiche Dance Collective relies upon the support of our community in order to continue fulfilling our mission by creating new work, nurturing emerging artists, and cultivating artistic collaboration, while offering a continuously expanding selection of community classes and outreach initiatives bringing individuals to dance who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

What is a Seiche? /sā(t)SH/ (pronounced seysh)

A seiche is a standing wave that is created by rapid change in atmospheric pressure pushing water from where it stands. Seiches are common in landlocked bodies of water, like Lake Erie. Seiche Dance Collective aspires to make waves by pushing dance to new places in our community.

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