Seiche Dance Collective Presents

Proximal Connections


Danielle Kaiser

Artistic Director


Jo Theisen

Company Manager


Andrew Ferguson

Technical Director

John Prior

Technical Support

Megan Jell

Visual Communications Director


Kristen Weibel

Production Manager

Andona Zacks-Jordan

Operations Director

Act I


Classical Divergence

Music: "Serenade for Strings in C major, Op. 48" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Danielle Kaiser, Jo Theisen, Jenna Swartz

Dancers: Emily Ferguson, Megan Jell, Corinne Justine, Alexis Snedeker, Jenna Swartz, Jo Theisen, Kristen Weibel, Madison Wieczorek, Andona Zacks-Jordan

Using the music from the famous ballet Serenade choreographed by George Balanchine, our idea was to explore the blend of classical music with contemporary movement. Through research, we discovered that Balanchine choreographed Serenade as a class exercise on stage technique, and used whatever happened in class as part of the choreography. In our own way, we decided to use a contemporary class as our inspiration for this piece. Beginning with choreography based on warm-up exercises, we moved through a typical class progressing through floor work, across the floor combinations, small and large jumps, improvisation, and partnering. We also chose to play with the idea of connections and relationships, fitting in with the title of our performance, Proximal Connections. As the piece progresses through our version of a contemporary class, there is also a progression of contact from none at all, to eye contact, to full partner work.


Intermission: 15 minutes

Act II

Sensible Apathy 

Music: “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter, Louisa Fuller, Natalia Bonner, John Metcalfe, Philip Sheppard, Chris Worsey 

Choreography: Corinne Justine

Dancers: Emily Ferguson, Megan Jell, Corinne Justine (5/7 evening), Jenna Swartz, Jo Theisen, Madison Wieczorek (5/6, 5/7 matinee)


“Sensible Apathy” reminds viewers of the feeling of being disconnected from the world around you. Apart from the natural ebb and flow of life, there is a sense of not fully feeling like you belong: you’re always one step off, while everyone else has it figured out. For me, this piece serves as a reminder to stay living in the present; slow down and breathe, enjoy the good things happening around you and let life take its course. 



Music: “The Departure” by Max Richter

Dancer: Alexis Snedeker

Choreography: Seiche Dance Collective



Music: “The Journey, not the Destination” by Max Richter

Choreography: Kristen Weibel

Dancers: Megan Jell, Corinne Justine, Alexis Snedeker, Andona Zacks-Jordan


"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." - Martin Buber



Music: “The Departure” by Max Richter

Dancer: Corinne Justine

Choreography: Seiche Dance Collective


Music: “VIII. Orlando: Transformation” by Max Richter

Choreography: Danielle Kaiser, Jo Theisen

Dancers: Emily Ferguson, Madison Wieczorek 


“Fusion” lives within the Seiche Dance Collective identity—a marrying and investigation of contemporary technique with the traditional boundaries of classical ballet. It presents a classical ballet variation (La Fille Mal Garde) and mirrors it against its contemporary interpretation. The living dichotomy of the two styles side by side showcases how both a traditional and newer age style can work together on stage and live within the same space.  


Budding Exuberance

Music: “Spring 1, Autumn 3, Spring 3” Written by Max Richter; Performed by: Andre de Riddler, Daniel Hope, Kozerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, and Max Richter

Choreography: Emily Ferguson

Dancers: Corinne Justine, Emily Ferguson, Jenna Swartz, Jo Theisen


Connections can be physical touch or verbal communication. This piece explores how verbal communication and connection can change as it is manipulated through time and with different people by using a single phrase of choreography. This phrase is used throughout the piece and is manipulated with changes in timing, space, and energy.



Music: "Orlando: Modular Astronomy" by Max Richter, Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, Robert Ziegler

Choreography: Danielle Kaiser

Dancers: Emily Ferguson, Megan Jell, Corinne Justine, Alexis Snedeker, Jenna Swartz, Jo Theisen, Kristen Weibel, Madison Wieczorek, Andona Zacks-Jordan