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Seiche Dance Collective is thrilled to announce a summer trainee program for advanced level young artists, 16 and up, with varied offerings of dance disciplines and opportunities.  Summer Company trainees will have the opportunity to participate in ballet, variations, conditioning, and contemporary dance classes in conjunction with participation in summer company repertoire rehearsals.  The goal of the program is to build on the training of young dancers and to give them an opportunity to learn in a professional level dance environment.  Dancers in the program are participating in order to embrace a future in dance and to seek supplemental instruction in addition to their regular study and programming.

Seiche Summer Trainee Program Details:

Program Dates: Thursday, June 2nd – Thursday, June 30th

Choreography Showcase: Thursday, June 30th 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Tuition: $350 for entire session (partial sessions or pick-up classes not available at this time)

Auditions & Acceptance

Acceptance to the Seiche Summer Dance Trainee Program will be via electronic audition only.  The program will have limited enrollment for the Summer 2022 Season with a rolling review and acceptance process.  

Submission Requirements:

VIDEO: students will submit a brief 2-3 minute video of a ballet barre in combination with a 30 second – 1 minute contemporary combination.  Ballet barre to include (en pointe if applicable, but not necessary) plié, tendu, degagé, rond de jambe, fondu, frappé, and grand battement on ONE SIDE ONLY.

PHOTO: first arabesque (en pointe if applicable)

REGISTRATION FORM: Completion of online registration form below.